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Volunteer to help with voter registration


Get involved with face-to-face canvassing, the most powerful tool for grass roots change!


Volunteer to help with phone, email, social medial, and text messaging voters.


Find out where to vote.

Voter Registration


The goal of the Voter Registration effort is to increase voter participation of Democrats particularly historically disenfranchised communities. This includes young people, people of color, Native communities, and economically disenfranchised citizens. To find out about how to volunteer for current Voter Registration events, go to the Events Page or order your  GOTV T-shirt with a QR code on the back that, when scanned, will take people to the CA Secretary of State Voter Registration web-page!


With door-to-door contact, especially on political campaigns and issue organizing, one good conversation can be enough

to make a difference. Let’s discuss how a good door to door contact can make such a difference.

Door-to-door contact breaks down barriers

No matter where you are or who you are, door-to-door canvassing has a power that no other medium has. It can get people to actually talk to each other and break down self-imposed barriers of party, race, gender, identity and ignorance. The conversation you can have at a door is a great equalizer - you are a walking change agent.

Forms unlikely connections

Canvassing done in the right way can create a connection between two people who may have never met and may never meet again, but that brief exchange of ideas can persuade someone in a way that a TV spot or a mail piece cannot. Whether it is volunteer, candidate or even paid door-to-door canvassing, it can make a great impact.


Real conversations matter

The power from door-to-door contact comes from real interaction, not a lit drop or a rushed interaction with the candidate looking at his watch.

Understanding the voter

Real connections happen when the conversation is about the voter. The conversation at the door needs to be about the voter and what issues matter to them, not about the candidate or the campaign.

By Joe Fuld,

Are you a data-nerd? MCDCC needs your help in developing a data-driven campaign! 

The first step in using technology for voter registration is to determine the requirements of the country voter. Research has shown that it takes 4 contacts to get a voter to the polls. Text message, phone banks, and email outreach are all tools of e-canvassing. If you have a special talent for working with technology and want to get involved, Contact Lou Stewart, Committee Chair and Chair of the Get Out the Vote Subcommittee.


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