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LADWP Waterless Leases/Keep Long Valley Green Campaign 


This past spring, LADWP reduced irrigation in Long and Little Round Valley to less than one acre-foot of water for ranching. Long Valley is has become a dry ecosystem after years of drought and decades of water diversion to Southern California. When lightning strikes or humans are negligent, the area is prone to devastating fires. The proposed de-watering could impact the survival rate of the Bi-state Sage Grouse chicks at Long Valley, eliminate precious wetlands, reduce biodiversity, and dramatically degrade the land to one covered with non-native plants. LADWP has issued a Notice of Proposal to prepare an EIR for the new, waterless leases, however, that does not address the loss of water under the current leases. Mono County has filed a CEQA complaint to address this. LADWP should have prepared an EIR before turning off the water this year. If you would like to help the Keep Long Valley Green campaign, contact Lynn Bolton, 760-914-9016,

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