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Voter Education & Engagement

Our country was founded on the principles of the rule of law and a Representative Democracy where the citizens eligible to vote would get together periodically to elect representatives from their community who would from a congress and conduct the business of the government for the people. This is the foundation of the guiding principle of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.


This type of government relied on an INFORMED ELECTORATE to vote for their individual and collective interests thereby providing the final balance between the people and the government. The Democratic system ONLY works well when the majority of the eligible voters are informed voters and participate in the elections.  Yet, only about 25% to 28% of the eligible electorate participates in U.S. elections.  

The purpose of the Voter Education and Engagement Sub-committee is to contribute to both engaging and registering voters and providing information on issues and policies that will promote and informed electorate. Please go to the Volunteer page if you are interested in learning more about his important and critical work.

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